Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Bad combinations

This week for kate's take five she has asked us to look at bad combinations which has got my brain working. Here is my attempt.

1. Savings/kids. They are like leaches. Any spare money you may have had suddenly gets spent on new uniforms, shoes that have gotten scuffed after only a weeks wear, and all the other trillions of things they find they suddenly need urgently.

2. Lie ins/ Kids. Lol kids again. There is absolutely no chance of a lie in once you have children, especially if they are young. They just don't seem to have any concept of time. What is up with them waking up at 6.30am? I've tried putting bin liners on the windows to trick them into sleeping later but it never works.

3. Mobile phones/ Mums. My mother can't stand it when I use my mobile phone. She just doesn't understand texting at all and twitter is definately beyond her. If ever I go round and I fetch my mobile out I can see her look of annoyance. Then she will moan if I don't answer my mobile if she calls me. I can't win lol.

4. Watching TV/ Kids. It is impossible watching tv with 2 kids running around the house screaming, or running their cars along the floor. It is as if they know your favourite programm has come on so they go and play with all their really noisy toys.

5. Diets/ Me. Diets should be banned. I hate them. I wish I could eat what I liked and be the size I want to be. The whole idea of a diet is horrible, restricted food intake, not being able to eat what you really want. You either end up being miserable because you are starving yourself or miserable because you eat what you like but weigh a tonne. Guess the answer is more exercise but that is such hard work!

I do notice a theme here. Most of my answers include children. I guess that is because my life is taken over by kids at the moment. I love them dearly but they do dictate many things.



  1. Liking your list - especially number 3 - so true! Thanks for joining in - always enjoy having you on-board.

  2. Love your list. 1, 2 and 4 I can totally agree with!!

  3. Lie ins? Lie ins?? Those days are gone, unless you are given one by your partner but they always come with strings attached... you have to do all the stinky nappies that weekend, he gets to go to football, you have to go and visit his mother etc etc!

  4. Lol so true Nel. Even if he does give me a lie in all I can hear are the kids screaming downstairs and him shouting at them to be quiet cus mummy is in bed! What kids do to us lol. Thanks Kate for a great meme.

  5. Love your list!! I can relate to every one..
    The TV one really hits home.. It's funny because daddy still manages to watch all of his favourite shows, yet mommy has to give them all up for cartoons,,,, really annoying cartoons!!!
    #1 is my favourite though~ I've given up saving and most weeks I'm happy just to make it to the next payday with some money left in the account!

  6. Great list! I'm so with you on lie ins...see my latest blog 'cockerels and careers'. I'm following you. In a nice blog-y way (sorry had to add that, that sentence sounded a bit sinister!)Lol.

  7. lol Kelly. Never had a stalker before :-) Sarah I'm happy if I haven't dipped too much into my overdraft by payday. Thanks for commenting.

  8. Now my children are teenagers they can sleep for England. Ah, bliss! Unfortunately since the cats have learnt to open the bedroom door I have to contend with them sitting on me at 5.30am. There's no justice!

  9. Completely understand the lack of lie ins that occur with kids. Am sitting here in PJs with cup of coffee having been up since about 6am. And it's Sunday. Oh well!