Thursday, 31 March 2011

It's all in the name

Well I have always had a thing about names. For as long as I can remember I have found names facinating and as I work in a job where I see many different names, I have lots to titilate me.
It was the other night whilst watching the news that made me think about names. There was an article about a device which can be used in an operating theatre, and the professor who was using it was called Professor Monty Mythen. I had a case of the giggles. What were his parents thinking?
It made me remember when I was young and my father would call me Emma Emma Emmaroids. Now at the time I hadnt got a clue what he was talking about as I had never heard of Haemorrhoids before. I was devastated when I found out what it meant.
Another time I was at work on a night shift and unusually it was rather quiet at work. There were quite a few empty beds. At the time there was a board which would display which beds were occupied and which were empty and they would be coded in different colours depending on the consultant.
I think I had worked a couple of nights already so was probably lacking in sleep and we decided to fill up the empty spaces on the board with fake patients names. You can probably guess the types of names we used. Ben Dover, Mike Hunt, Emma Roids etc etc.
Then in the morning one of the consultants came on duty and looked at the board and went, 'OMG when did all these patients get admitted???' He didn't quiet get it lol. Then another consultant came on took one look at the board and started laughing.
Yes we all work very very hard but we love a good laugh too, it gets us through the day.
See  if anyone can think of some terrible names, here's a few to start you off
John Thomas
Charity Knight
Summer Knight
Mavis Davies
Fanny Adams
Miss Demeanor
Miss Taken -
MRS A - Very infectious
Think I shall stop there or I will never shut up.

Monday, 28 March 2011

On a lighter note

After my blog outburst last night I thought I would lighten the mood again. My moods are like rollercoasters, up one minute then hurtling to the ground the next. I quiet like the dizzy heights but not so keen on zooming speedily to earth again.
Anyways even though I have spent a rather long tiring day at work I feel refreshed and ready to face the world. Well at least until the alarm goes off again at 6.30am tomorrow morning. If only I could win the lotto...... I wouldn't be one of those mad people who say it wouldn't change me. It definately would and there is no chance on earth that I would carry on working. I would love to be able to stay at home and bring up my children. I have absolutely no chance of winning the lotto ever but still I dutifully put my money on every week just in case.
I say I will never win because about 16 years ago 5 of my numbers came up. At this time I was playing the lottery with a friend, where he would pay the £1 on a saturday and I would buy the wednesday ticket. On this draw it was a saturday and I remember sitting in my flat watching the lottery unfold and finding out that I actually had 5 of the numbers. I have never been so excited in all my life. I jumped around the flat screaming and shouting then quickly phoned my mom to tell her the fantastic news.
However there was one factor I hadn't thought of. While on the phone to my mom I noticed the call waiting and on the other line was a rather sheepish sounding friend. I was so excited I never noticed that he didn't sound happy. It turned out that he hadn't put the numbers on that week so no winnings for us. I was devastated. I think at the time it was over £1000 which to a poor student was a royal sum. It is something I have never forgot and so I try to have lucky dips now so it will never happen again.
Who knows one day someone has to win it, why not me? :-)

Sunday, 27 March 2011


I have come to the conclusion that I am a masochist when it comes to babies. Every monday I watch one born every minute and sit rapt while I see other women going through labour and not once does it put me off. I even watched a program on babies being born at 23 weeks and whether it was right to keep them alive or not. Now tonight I have been sat watching Cherry has a baby.
Maybe some background is needed to appreciate why I say I am a masochist when it comes to baby programms. I have 3 lovely children and my husband is very happy with just the three kids, although he would have been happy with just 1. Last september I found out I was pregnant again and I have to admit I was absolutely over the moon even though I was due to get married in october.
Whilst I was over the moon and in love with the idea of having a lovely new baby everyone I told about it was less than thrilled. I could see them thinking 'what on earth is wrong with her. Why does she want more kids?' I can't actually explain why but I love the whole pregnancy thing and holding a brand new life in my arms for the first time. It would just have been nice just once for someone to be as overjoyed as I was at being pregnant and to congratulate me. In fact when I told my friend at work it was as if I had just managed to do the worst most heinous thing in the world. In fact it was as if I had double crossed her because it meant I would go on maternity leave and cause the department to be short staffed.
Who cared though because I was happy and Pete had come round to the situation and everything was looking rosy. We got married in october and I can remember thinking that years down the line I could tell baby that when we looked at my old wedding photo's that they were there too on my special day. I even stayed sober whilst Pete got progressively more drunk as the night went on.
Then on November the 1st last year I noticed some spotting. I was struck with terror although I fobbed Pete off saying that I was sure it was nothing at all. I was 8 weeks by this time. The next day I went to work as normal but by mid morning the bleeding hadn't stopped and my worry got the better of me and I went off to gynae. (I work in a hospital so it was the easiest thing to do.)
To cut a long storey short I ended up haemorrhaging and lost the baby. I spent a couple of days in hospital and felt pretty lousy. This wasn't the first time I had suffered a miscarriage but it was the first time I had to spend time in hospital. It was vile being the patient for a change when I am used to being the one doing the looking after.
It was much different this time because even though Pete was sad about me and losing the baby and everything it was as though he had dodged a bullet. He never wanted this child and so I felt even more sad and alone to how I was feeling. It was as though this baby was my last chance. There would be absolutely no chance of me getting pregnant again even though thats exactly what I wanted to do. Its difficult to explain the loss of a baby that couldn't be seen or even felt other than in my heart. There was a hole inside me that needed to be filled again but it was never going to happen.
Even though it was probably my own grief and paranoia I felt as if everyone was letting of a sigh of relief. It caused a lot of tension with me and Pete and I had many heartfelt conversations with myself. On one level I knew how wrong it was to expect Pete to try for a baby he didn't want and how guilty I would feel if he only agreed to it to make me happy and he was made miserable. Then on another level I would think that he would come round to the idea like he had before and I would be able to see the absolute love in his eyes when he saw his new baby for the first time. In the end I went with the theory that I should just carry on with my life and deal with whatever came in the future.
This is why I say I am a masochist for watching all those baby programs. I would absolutely love to be pregnant again and I dream about it constantly but I can't ever see it happening again. Yes I am so grateful for the 3 lovely kids I have but it doesn't make the loss any easier, in fact I know what I am missing all the more. In fact I pretend I am pregnant at times, and even imagine I can feel my baby moving. How absolutely nutty is that? I guess it doesnt help that I was due in June so in my mind I would still have been pregnant now. Hopefully once June has passed so to will the fantasies.

Silent sunday

Silent Sunday

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Top 5 time travel destinations - listography

I am new to all this but I love all these blog posts which get everyone involved. It has drawn me to blogs I might otherwise never have come across. As such I thought I would get involved and have a go at Kate's Listography. Hopefully I get this right. Technology is not my best subject but lets see what I manage to do.
This week is all about time travel, something I have always had a facination with. These are my 5 top places I would visit.
1. Anytime in the 1960's as I have heard so much about the swinging 60's and would love to have experienced this era myself. How interesting it would have been to be around when women started to take control and the enlightenment of women's sexuality. 
2. Medievil times as I love the romantic ideal of castles and knights.
3. 2012 Just to see if it really is the end of the world.
4. July 1888 to make sure Mrs Hitler had a headache that night. Many many dates I would like to travel to in order to stop things from happening but I guess that this would not be allowed as it would completely alter the timeline and what is changed in the past may prevent the time machine being created in the first place and then that would just cause a paradox. How if the time machine was never invented was I able to go back in time to change things which prevented it from being invented? Now my head hurts.
5. 1900's What an interesting time in our history. I would like to meet Emmeline Pankhurst.

So many places I could visit. The past has always been an interest of mine so absolutely anytime would be great. Perhaps I would just set the time machine for automatic selection so I could have a surprise at where I turned up..... perhaps too much Dr Who lol. Hope you enjoyed my list.

Computers driving me crazy

They say things come in threes and I think they are right. Today I have had three things go wrong due to computers. First of all I decided to book coach tickets to Butlins in Skegness rather than having a horrible train journey with several changes and enough luggage to last us 5 months. (Pete likes to pack for ALL eventualities.) Everything seemed great til Pete looked at the booking history and realised I had only booked the coach to Skegness and not to Butlins. He then had to phone national express up and get them to change the tickets.
Then the shopping came that I ordered from Tesco online. I do a shop monthly so there are a lot of items. You can imagine my horror when I realised everything had been delivered without bags. The chap delivering the groceries said on the order not to deliver with bags.
Finally and by far the worse one by far I decided to order a new sofa from Argos. I had been umming and ahing for a while and I decided to order on wednesday this week only to discover that the £100 discount offer had ended tuesday. Then today I happened to be looking at the site again and noticed it was back on again and ordered the sofa. Again it wasnt until I had gone through with the payment that I noticed the discount had been deleted and I had paid the full amount.
Definately not my day with computers. Not attempting to buy anything else as I'm scared what might happen. Who knows it could be my blogs affected next.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Busy week

Not had much time to blog this week. Amazing how busy one can actually get without actually achieving anything. I look back over what I have done this week and it's hardly anything at all.
Does anyone else find it difficult trying to be a full time mom holding down a full time job, being a full time wife and also amongst all that trying to fit in a university course? I need to split myself into about 5 people and then perhaps I might get somewhere.
It is my darling husbands birthday on sunday and we have no one to go out with. It has made me realise how isolated we have become as a family. Our regular friends seem to have dissapeared recently following certain events and we have to say it feels like we are being avoided. This could just be paranoia but there may be some truth in it.
Anyways we have decided to go out as a family to the local Wing Wahs which is an all you can eat chinese buffet. Yum yum. Love food, probably a little too much. So I am looking forward to the weekend and chilling out.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Red nose day

Is it me or does anyone else feel like they have Bi-polar disorder when they watch red nose day?? One moment I'll be laughing away the next sobbing my heart out. As the program went on it was like they had to make more and more distressing clips. It was as if before the watershed all the kids lived but after the watershed they started to die.

There was one clip where they made a point of a child who died because her mother couldn't afford 35p busfair to get to the hospital. Maybe I am a bit cynical (ok a lot cynical) but if that was my child I would have done anything to get my child the treatment they needed. I also asked myself that if I were the bus driver I wouldn't be able to turn the mother away because she couldn't pay. Ok ok I know it's a different country and things aren't like they are here but come on.

It has made me think a lot though. I work in the NHS and I constantly have to put up with complaints by patients  for late running clinics. It doesn't really compare does it? Anyways before I get even more on my soap box I'd better sign off.

Kids do the funniest things.

Yesterday when I picked my middle child up from nursery on that rare occasion I finished worked in time I was informed he had a bag to take home over the weekend. The nursery teacher asked me to wait a moment so they could check he had the right bag. I thought nothing of this and yes he had indeed got the right one. 

On returning home I discovered that the bag contained two books on ballet and a little pink ballet outfit complete with tutu. Are the nursery trying to tell me something or is this some type of new teaching method? They even checked he had the right bag before I left so I can't even say it was a mistake. However this morning he informed me he wanted to wear it. Fair enough if he wants to why not? Plus Daddy was safely at work.

This is Thomas looking very comfortable in his outfit.

There really isn't anything more I can say lol.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Three by Nine Meme

Three by Nine Meme

My sister Sarh tagged me 

All you have to do is answer the nine questions below and then tag three of your fellow bloggers. That way we can all learn a little something new about each other, Here we go!

Three names I go by: Emma, Ellie, Emajay

Three places I’ve lived: Very boring... all my life in Wolverhampton

Three places I’ve worked: New cross hospital, Heartlands hospital and home.

Three things I love to watch: Television, the sky, people.

Three places I have been and love: New York, Amsterdam, Skegness.

Three people that email me regularly: My husband, NHS jobs Boohoo.

Three things I love to eat: Haagen Daz ice cream, chocolate, fajitas

Three people I think will respond; Sarah

Three things I am looking forward to: A holiday to Butlins in may, Having a lie in, and something only I know.

I don't really know anyone who I can tag but was happy to do meme:


Surely we weren't meant to work. I am so tired already and I''ve hardly done anything. I even had monday off work. Already looking forward to the weekend for which I have absolutely nothing planned. If only I could have a lie in. Those soon dissapeared after I had kids. The joy of just being able to lie in bed all day, no hurry to get anything done. No one demanding your attention 24/7 who you can't easily ignore.
Roll on retirement! Mind you I work for the NHS so with talks as they are I'll retire at the age of 70 and spend the rest of my life sleeping lol.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Back to work

Back to work today after a glorious week off. It was like I had never been away and was so busy I don't think I got chance to breath! Already counting down to the weekend lol.
Had to leave Thomas with his dad who managed to book a couple of days holiday but he was absolutely fine. You would never know he had been ill at all. I have to say though everytime Thomas moved yesterday I thought he was going to be sick. There was never any warning. One minute he would be sat there all fine the next he would be covered in sick. How do kids manage that?  My eldest would be sick in her bed and just sleep through it all just like my older sister. Only time I would do that is if I was a little worse for wear.
So thats it for today... not much to say just kanckered now.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Sick children

My 4 year old has been at home all day because he was sick yesterday morning in Morecombe. What a fun train journey that was coming back to Wolves with a child who could potentially projectile vomit! Pete was like a cat on a hot tin roof in the taxi in case he would have to pay the cleaning charge.
I have never understood how a child can be sick one minute then the next be demanding food like nothings happened. They then make you feel guilty because you deny them more food. When I'm sick (which seems to be all the time lately) it takes me a good couple of days to even contemplate eating again.
He has now eaten 4 arrowroot biscuits which seem to have stayed down. I'll be glad when he is better so I can stop feeling guilty whenever I eat anything. He finds me wherever I go and stares at me with puppy dog eyes.

New blog!

It has been a long time since I blogged anything. My sister has once again piqued my interest, first by getting me back into tweeting due to my new iphone and then blogging!

I love reading about other peoples lives ( you could say Im nosey) and there may be someone out there who wants to know about me (poor sods lol) Hence I have dusted off my laptop and got onboard. I find it cathartic to write things down so here goes.

As this is my first blog I thought I would just give a brief bit of info about me so you can get an idea of what I am about. I am almost 33 and a mom to three children, Charlotte Elana whose about to turn 11 and start 'big school' in september, Thomas Marco whose just turned 4 and will be starting at his first school in september and Oliver Gabriel whose 2.

I recently got married to my lovely husband Pete last October, for which there would have been some interesting blogs considering I left everything to the last minute. I'm an expert at how to plan a wedding in 5 days lol. I never change.

I also have a mental mother (who doesnt like computers one bit so I'm safe putting that,) and a dad who spends all his spare time on the computer (so I will have to watch what I say about Daddy lol.) There are also two older sisters who are also both mad as hatters (must run in the family,) and my father in law who loves gardening so I'm looking forward to some home grown veggies soon.
So thats a brief intro, hopefully there will be more..... watch this space.