Saturday, 26 March 2011

Top 5 time travel destinations - listography

I am new to all this but I love all these blog posts which get everyone involved. It has drawn me to blogs I might otherwise never have come across. As such I thought I would get involved and have a go at Kate's Listography. Hopefully I get this right. Technology is not my best subject but lets see what I manage to do.
This week is all about time travel, something I have always had a facination with. These are my 5 top places I would visit.
1. Anytime in the 1960's as I have heard so much about the swinging 60's and would love to have experienced this era myself. How interesting it would have been to be around when women started to take control and the enlightenment of women's sexuality. 
2. Medievil times as I love the romantic ideal of castles and knights.
3. 2012 Just to see if it really is the end of the world.
4. July 1888 to make sure Mrs Hitler had a headache that night. Many many dates I would like to travel to in order to stop things from happening but I guess that this would not be allowed as it would completely alter the timeline and what is changed in the past may prevent the time machine being created in the first place and then that would just cause a paradox. How if the time machine was never invented was I able to go back in time to change things which prevented it from being invented? Now my head hurts.
5. 1900's What an interesting time in our history. I would like to meet Emmeline Pankhurst.

So many places I could visit. The past has always been an interest of mine so absolutely anytime would be great. Perhaps I would just set the time machine for automatic selection so I could have a surprise at where I turned up..... perhaps too much Dr Who lol. Hope you enjoyed my list.


  1. Your number 4 is certainly painful to the head.
    Like your fish!!

  2. Hmm I like the idea of automatic selection..maybe I'd use that on my no. 6 time travelling trip! Thanks for linking in. I'm liking your new blog. x

  3. Awe poor fish.;-) Thanks Qwerty mum, I love paradoxical situations.
    Thanks for your comments Kate. I use it as a type of sounding board and online diary. I was reading an old blog I did and couldn't believe how much I had changed.

  4. Oooo castles and knights. That'd be fab.

    I'd like to change a few things in the past as well, but like you said, it would completely change the timeline, and I guess eerything happens for a reason! x

  5. Lol Em you are definitely my sister.

    p.s I want to get The Sims Medieval (don't laugh!!)

  6. :-) I would have to be a noble lady though where I can spend all my time doing tapestry and have ladies in waiting. Being a peasant sounds like too much hard work!
    Sarah you are obsessed with sims.