Monday, 18 April 2011

Listography RIP Emma

Listography courtesy of Kate's take five, in which I have to name 5 things I want people to say at my funeral.

Well this is definately an interesting topic. Strangely enough I have had a lot of thinking around funerals as until 2009 I had never ever attended one. My one set of grandparents died when I was 7 within 3 days of each other and I was not of an age to really understand what that was like. My other set died when I was around 1, so I never really experienced anyone dying in my family.
I knew how short life was from my work as a nurse, where I had seen people who I cared for pass away or a brief stint in A+E where there were so many deaths. So I had gotten away with it for so long.
Then there was a rather horrible end of 2009 where in quick sucsession my uncle had a massive heart attack at the age of 63 and passed away, followed a month later by my Aunty who was 83 and died of lung cancer, then my poor mother in law to be at the age of 54 from pneumonia secondary to pulmonary fibrosis. To say the least it was a tough year.
It was probably my mother in laws death that affected me the most because she knew her health was failing but nothing was ever planned for the funeral. They never discussed what she wanted and I thought that was sad and I wanted people to know exactly what I wanted at my funeral, however macabre that would be. So thanks Kate I shall get to the list now lol.

Things I want said at my funeral.

1. She was a miserable old woman but you had to love her.

2. Who would have thought you could die from that?

3. We love you so much mummy, hope you are giving them hell up there in heaven.

4. Who would have thought she would outlive so many husbands?

5. She was so intelligent, insightful, amazing. The world will be so much worse off without her.

There it is then. I hope I don't find out if any of that is said for a good long while. My daughter looked at me like I had gone mental when I asked her what she would say at my funeral. Perhaps it was just me who thought my parents would die and leave me orphaned when I was young. All those car rides they went on I think.


  1. Oh God I hope you haven't traumatised your daughter with this nonsense! I love the idea of being a miserable old cow too - see you for a moan when we're in our 80's!

  2. HAHA you asked your daughter?! I remember my mom trying to have a serious talk with me about what she wanted. My 12 year old self did not want to listen.

  3. Lol Em. Well I won't be around for yours. I'll be long gone by then ;) You'd better be nice at mine x x x

  4. oh that's horrible to hear about all those tragic deaths in 2009. so sorry. xxx love your list x

  5. Lol my daughter just gave me that look as if I were daft as a brush Sarah. Oh and sis I bet mom will outlive us all lol. Yeah 2009 was a crappy year Jojo but hey we survive. Kate I will definately be a grumpy old woman!