Saturday, 23 April 2011

6 weeks

Milestone one reached successfully! I am 6 weeks pregnant today and baby is now the size of a pea. It is still looking like a weird little blob but its heart has started beating. This is my 7th pregnancy (3 babies) and I still get amazed at how a baby starts out as a mass of cells. It is a miracle of nature that this little thing grows over 9 months into a perfect little bundle of joy.
I know it is a long long way away at the moment but I have already starting planning things. Having 4 kids isn't going to be easy but I am so looking forward to it. My youngest Ollie who is 2 absolutely adores little babies so I don't think I will have any problems at all with him. Thomas who is 4 may get jealous as he already tries to get my attention over Ollie. Charlotte my oldest 11 year old will be fine. I think she has become used to all these kids now. She has already told me she wants this one to be another boy though. She likes being the only grandaughter in the family.
I have already decided to find out what the sex is. With Charlotte there was a rule at the hospital where they wouldn't tell me the sex and although it was a lovely surprise when she came out and I was told she was a girl I don't think I have the patience now to wait that long. It is bad enough waiting 20 weeks to find out.
My first appointment with the midwife is in 2 weeks and already it is causing problems at work. I happen to work in a place where only 2 of us can do one particular role in our job. It just so happens that this other person is on holiday when my appointment is so I am going to have to sort some things out when I get back. I know it is my legal right to have time off work to attend midwife appointments but it is definately awkard when no one else can do your work. Oh well I am sure something will get sorted, it always does.
My sickness has got worse this week but at least I am not throwing up. It definately hasn't stopped me eating!
Next goal is 8 weeks!


  1. Congratulations!!

    Finger's crossed your sickness ease's off.
    I had it REALLY bad every day up until 35 weeks, was in & out of doctors.


  2. Congratulations.! I hope you get things sorted with work, you don't need that hassle as we l as everything else. I hope the sickness gets better soon too.

  3. Thanks both. Mum2alesha you aren't helping lol, although with my other 3 my sickness did abate around 14 weeks.
    Work will hopefully be ok MMM. Just stressing I think.

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