Saturday, 9 April 2011

Sun sun sun!

Today has been lovely with the sun shining. I had forgotten what it was like to go out without wearing a coat. Maybe this year we will finally get a nice summer and perhaps my skin colour will go from a whiter shade of pale to a medium pale.

We decided to take the kids to the 'big' park near the city centre. Amazingly we managed to enjoy ourselves and other than Ollie deciding he no longer wanted to walk anymore and refused anyone carrying him other than me, it was a brilliant day.

I should really have been spending the day working on my assignment though, but who wants to write about boring things when the sun is shining outside? There is another week and half to finish it, plenty of time. I could knock it out in a mere 24 hours easy.

Ahem I'm fantastic at leaving things til the last minute. All my kids bar one came late and I'm sure Tom was early because the dates had been worked out wrong. He definately looked like shrivelled prune when he came out. Like he had spent too long in the water.

Bring on more sunny days and shunning assignments......

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  1. Hi Just found your blod via another and enjoying catching up on your posts. I've just posted about getting my summer clothes back out. Hope weather here to stay. Great to find new blogs to follow too. Hope you get a chance to pop to mine at and on Twitter @muminmeltdown.
    Thanks T x