Thursday, 7 April 2011

My sister overthehillmum sent me an award today, Kreative blog and I promise to try my very best to adhere to the rules.

These are the rules...

1) Link 10 blogs

2) Tell these bloggers about the award

3) Write 10 facts about yourself.

Ok here goes.... 10 facts about me.

1) I love to smell things. Yes I agree it's weird but I promise it's only 'nice' smells.

2) When I was young I thought washing my hair in Timotee shampoo would give me lovely blonde hair. I am very definately a dark brunette.

3) As a young child my father managed to presuade me that a stone Tortoise was real. It was only when I  finally picked it up I saw the made in Taiwan stamp underneath.

4) I used to be musical, playing the clarinett and the organ. Obviously not at the same time. I even played in a talent show 3 years running at Butlins.

5) I went to Birmingham University and studied genetics. I even managed to get a degree and eventually became a nurse although I wanted to be a primary school teacher.

6) My number 1 hobby would be reading. I love reading and find many genres interesting. My favourite author of all time would be Piers Anthony as I love fantasy.

7) I got married for the first time last October to the love of my life Peter. I must love him because I have ended up with one of those unusual last names that everyone struggles to pronounce.

8) I have very expensive tastes. You can gaurantee if there is a sale on somewhere I will only like what isn't in the sale and the most expensive thing too!

9) I was invited back stage at The Grand by Matthew Kelly when he was lead in the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I might add it wasn't just me, but my friend and her brother too. Very fun seeing the back stage.

10) I love lists. Anything to do with lists, writing lists, watching programms with lists, anything! 

Now comes the difficult bit. I must pass on the award to 10 people. Here goes.









I think that is as many as I can do. Not very sociable at the moment obviously lol. I am still new to all this so hopefully I will make more aquantinces.


  1. Great lists especially as you love lists! Come read mine (was tagged earlier)

  2. Thanks Emma - I'm really chuffed as it's my first award. I'll get to it today and of course I'll link to you (I'll let you know).
    Thanks again and have a great weekend. - Rachel