Sunday, 24 April 2011


Well it was my birthday today and I can't exactly say it was any different from any other day. At what age do birthday's just become another day? I did have some lovely presents though and got to eat lots of lovely easter eggs. :-)

Unfortunately I wasn't able to have a lovely birthday drink but that doesn't bother me. I'm off to the black country living museum tomorrow so that should be fun. As long as the kids behave. :-)


  1. Does Easter Sunday often fall on your birthday? Nice that it did this year.
    Wish I'd wished you a Happy Birthday yesterday - sorry for my lateness

  2. Well I was 40 last year and it was the most uneventful, disappointing birthday ever, so stop moaning lol

  3. Liska this is the first birthday I have ever known that has fallen on easter sunday. And sis it's not my fault you had Brandon a month before so you couldn't go to New York like you wanted to. Oh and thanks Kater :-)

  4. Happy Birthday, belatedly! What do you think of this?