Thursday, 21 April 2011

New meme

I happened to come across this meme from someones website and thought it sounded wonderful. This might be because I am a self confessed moanaholic. omammy has devised a meme where you start with, I don't know about you but..... and is a fabulous moaning fest.
So here is my first go.
I don't know about you but..... I hate having to watch football all the time. My OH is obsessed with it and will watch absolutely any game, from 5 a side old star games to the normal football. I think the only football he wouldn't watch is womens and any games with Man U playing.
I hate everything about football. The crowds of people who just walk wherever they like, infront of cars, in the middle of the road etc. I also hate the crappy chants they all have and how rowdy the men and women are especially on a packed train. Then there is the noise itself. I just hate it and what I hate more is when I find myself watching the damn thing just because it is on the tv. There you go thats one rant out the way. Many many more to come lol.


  1. Hi Em. Congrats on your pregnancy and thanks for taking part. I love discovering new blogs and am enjoying reading yours.

    I don't have the footy problem with my OH but my son. I get annoyed too when I find myself watching it!


    Oh Mammy. xx

  2. I've posted your post(?!) on my FB page.!/pages/Oh-Mammy/158644767480246