Sunday, 3 April 2011

mother's day

Well today has been just another day in our household. My oldest daughter who is so like me it is scary, bought me a lovely big box of maltesers. These are my absolute favourite and I can very easily sit and eat a whole box. She was so excited to give me the present and she made me a lovely card from school.

My other two boys bought equally handmade cards home from nursery and Thomas even bought a daffodil wrapped in some foil which he was so proud of.

When I envisage mother's day though I think of mother's being made to feel special but I can't say that today has been any different from any other. Ok so a mother should be appreciated every day of the year and mother's day is probably too commercialised now, but it would have been nice to have had a bit of pampering.

When I was little I remember making my mom breakfast in bed. It was nothing special, just a couple of pieces of toast and a cup of coffee, but I loved spoiling my mom. My eldest says she likes to help but ask her to do something if she wants to go out playing and it's like asking her to file bunions off a tramps foot.

I bought my mother a bunch of lovely mixed roses and her favourite aftereights. She seemed pleased but it is hard to tell sometimes with my mom. I learnt a lot of behaviours from my mother but that's another storey. I think mother is only happy when she is unhappy.

What are other peoples experiences of mother's day? Good or bad? Should we still celebrate it?


  1. Thanks for commenting and thank God you did as I wouldn't have found you otherwise. I had an awful Mother's Day and cried most of it...

    In answer to your question.... we go everywhere with the sling. We sometimes use the pushchair but there's nowhere we haven't been with the sling xx

  2. P.S. I used to do my mum breakfast in bed. My baby's 9 months old xxx

  3. I've written my Mother's day post, but it needs tweaking and checking lol. It's too late now. Going to post it tomorrow.
    They'll get better as they get older. x x x

  4. Lol I can imagine Sarah. Will look forward to reading it tomorrow. :-0