Thursday, 24 March 2011

Busy week

Not had much time to blog this week. Amazing how busy one can actually get without actually achieving anything. I look back over what I have done this week and it's hardly anything at all.
Does anyone else find it difficult trying to be a full time mom holding down a full time job, being a full time wife and also amongst all that trying to fit in a university course? I need to split myself into about 5 people and then perhaps I might get somewhere.
It is my darling husbands birthday on sunday and we have no one to go out with. It has made me realise how isolated we have become as a family. Our regular friends seem to have dissapeared recently following certain events and we have to say it feels like we are being avoided. This could just be paranoia but there may be some truth in it.
Anyways we have decided to go out as a family to the local Wing Wahs which is an all you can eat chinese buffet. Yum yum. Love food, probably a little too much. So I am looking forward to the weekend and chilling out.

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