Saturday, 19 March 2011

Red nose day

Is it me or does anyone else feel like they have Bi-polar disorder when they watch red nose day?? One moment I'll be laughing away the next sobbing my heart out. As the program went on it was like they had to make more and more distressing clips. It was as if before the watershed all the kids lived but after the watershed they started to die.

There was one clip where they made a point of a child who died because her mother couldn't afford 35p busfair to get to the hospital. Maybe I am a bit cynical (ok a lot cynical) but if that was my child I would have done anything to get my child the treatment they needed. I also asked myself that if I were the bus driver I wouldn't be able to turn the mother away because she couldn't pay. Ok ok I know it's a different country and things aren't like they are here but come on.

It has made me think a lot though. I work in the NHS and I constantly have to put up with complaints by patients  for late running clinics. It doesn't really compare does it? Anyways before I get even more on my soap box I'd better sign off.

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