Monday, 14 March 2011

Sick children

My 4 year old has been at home all day because he was sick yesterday morning in Morecombe. What a fun train journey that was coming back to Wolves with a child who could potentially projectile vomit! Pete was like a cat on a hot tin roof in the taxi in case he would have to pay the cleaning charge.
I have never understood how a child can be sick one minute then the next be demanding food like nothings happened. They then make you feel guilty because you deny them more food. When I'm sick (which seems to be all the time lately) it takes me a good couple of days to even contemplate eating again.
He has now eaten 4 arrowroot biscuits which seem to have stayed down. I'll be glad when he is better so I can stop feeling guilty whenever I eat anything. He finds me wherever I go and stares at me with puppy dog eyes.

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