Saturday, 26 March 2011

Computers driving me crazy

They say things come in threes and I think they are right. Today I have had three things go wrong due to computers. First of all I decided to book coach tickets to Butlins in Skegness rather than having a horrible train journey with several changes and enough luggage to last us 5 months. (Pete likes to pack for ALL eventualities.) Everything seemed great til Pete looked at the booking history and realised I had only booked the coach to Skegness and not to Butlins. He then had to phone national express up and get them to change the tickets.
Then the shopping came that I ordered from Tesco online. I do a shop monthly so there are a lot of items. You can imagine my horror when I realised everything had been delivered without bags. The chap delivering the groceries said on the order not to deliver with bags.
Finally and by far the worse one by far I decided to order a new sofa from Argos. I had been umming and ahing for a while and I decided to order on wednesday this week only to discover that the £100 discount offer had ended tuesday. Then today I happened to be looking at the site again and noticed it was back on again and ordered the sofa. Again it wasnt until I had gone through with the payment that I noticed the discount had been deleted and I had paid the full amount.
Definately not my day with computers. Not attempting to buy anything else as I'm scared what might happen. Who knows it could be my blogs affected next.

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