Thursday, 31 March 2011

It's all in the name

Well I have always had a thing about names. For as long as I can remember I have found names facinating and as I work in a job where I see many different names, I have lots to titilate me.
It was the other night whilst watching the news that made me think about names. There was an article about a device which can be used in an operating theatre, and the professor who was using it was called Professor Monty Mythen. I had a case of the giggles. What were his parents thinking?
It made me remember when I was young and my father would call me Emma Emma Emmaroids. Now at the time I hadnt got a clue what he was talking about as I had never heard of Haemorrhoids before. I was devastated when I found out what it meant.
Another time I was at work on a night shift and unusually it was rather quiet at work. There were quite a few empty beds. At the time there was a board which would display which beds were occupied and which were empty and they would be coded in different colours depending on the consultant.
I think I had worked a couple of nights already so was probably lacking in sleep and we decided to fill up the empty spaces on the board with fake patients names. You can probably guess the types of names we used. Ben Dover, Mike Hunt, Emma Roids etc etc.
Then in the morning one of the consultants came on duty and looked at the board and went, 'OMG when did all these patients get admitted???' He didn't quiet get it lol. Then another consultant came on took one look at the board and started laughing.
Yes we all work very very hard but we love a good laugh too, it gets us through the day.
See  if anyone can think of some terrible names, here's a few to start you off
John Thomas
Charity Knight
Summer Knight
Mavis Davies
Fanny Adams
Miss Demeanor
Miss Taken -
MRS A - Very infectious
Think I shall stop there or I will never shut up.

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