Monday, 14 March 2011

New blog!

It has been a long time since I blogged anything. My sister has once again piqued my interest, first by getting me back into tweeting due to my new iphone and then blogging!

I love reading about other peoples lives ( you could say Im nosey) and there may be someone out there who wants to know about me (poor sods lol) Hence I have dusted off my laptop and got onboard. I find it cathartic to write things down so here goes.

As this is my first blog I thought I would just give a brief bit of info about me so you can get an idea of what I am about. I am almost 33 and a mom to three children, Charlotte Elana whose about to turn 11 and start 'big school' in september, Thomas Marco whose just turned 4 and will be starting at his first school in september and Oliver Gabriel whose 2.

I recently got married to my lovely husband Pete last October, for which there would have been some interesting blogs considering I left everything to the last minute. I'm an expert at how to plan a wedding in 5 days lol. I never change.

I also have a mental mother (who doesnt like computers one bit so I'm safe putting that,) and a dad who spends all his spare time on the computer (so I will have to watch what I say about Daddy lol.) There are also two older sisters who are also both mad as hatters (must run in the family,) and my father in law who loves gardening so I'm looking forward to some home grown veggies soon.
So thats a brief intro, hopefully there will be more..... watch this space.


  1. Dad's probably got his own blog lol

  2. lol probably knowing him!

  3. 3 kids at 33 - you are so lucky - bet it is hard work though?
    I was disorganised and put off having kids for years and years, hence I only have 1 at age 38....
    Liska x